Welcome to Litla Hof website. Above you can see the plots on our website.

Litla Hof is situated at Eystri Rangá in Rangárþing ytra.

The distance from Reykjavik is 96 km. Drive on highway 1,  90 km east and then turn left on Keldnaveg number 264, (Opposite to Hotel Rangá), and from there 6 km to Litla Hof.

The villages Hella and Hvolsvöllur are close by, there you can find for example grocery stores, swimming pools, medical services, liquor stores, hardware stores and restaurants. Hella is 14 km away and Hvolsvöllur is 11 km away from Litla Hof. A golf course is located at Strönd, 8 km from Litla Hof.

The main natural treasures closest by are, for example, Fjallabak, Hekla, Tindfjallajökull, Þórsmörk, Eyjafjallajökull, Seljalandsfoss and etc.

The plots are privately owned land and it is possible to apply for permanent residence. A building permit is obtained in consultation with the local government/the local building inspector .

The plots are large and as a result there is a large construction volume. On plots of 3 hectares and larger is allowed to build two villas in total of 350 sq. m., two cottages in total of 100 sq. m., beside storehouse in total of 120 sq. m. and toolroom/greenhouse in total of 30 sq. m.  A garage is included in the villa construction volume. On plots under 3 hectares there are other terms; see Litla Hof report. The buildings can only have one floor. Building material is a free choice and no container houses are allowed on the plots. Outdoor lighting shall not be more than three meters from the ground and lighting shall be directed down.

Roads are completed, cold water and pipes for fiber optic cables are ready at borders.

Drinking Water

The water source is at Hofsstígur 1, drilled down to 42 meters.

The connection charge from the borders of the plot to the building is 420,000.- ISK with VAT.

Included in the connection charge is the material up to 30 meters and the job concerning the process.

The water pipe is delivered with a 32 mm three-way valve (stainless steel) with handle to drain the house.

The plot owner takes care of connecting the three-way valve in consultation with a plumber.

Water fee per year is 48,000.-ISK

Linking between plots is prohibited.


Litla hof is connected to the RARIK distribution system.

Electricity connection charge is according to RARIK’s tariff.

Septic tank/drainage

All drainage from the houses will be led to a septic tank in accordance with the requirements of the health authorites and the local building inspector.

The vendor can assist in providing contractors.